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What’s going on behind a black eye?

September 18, 2010

Wow, it’s been far too long since my last post! I’m almost at a loss as to where to start.

Hmm, so what’s been happening since June? Lots of training, of course…and a handful of injuries involving feet, wrists, xrays and black eyes (still sporting that last one). But it’s Muay Thai – injuries come as standard. Don’t they…?

The thing with a black eye though is that people stare. On the bus, down the street, in the supermarket. You name it. And when it’s a woman with a black eye they stare even more. Some double take; some slyly glance up over the top of their newspaper (just enough not to look too obvious);  and others just stare and stare, quickly glancing away in between gawps, worried you might catch them mid-fascination.

Only one person so far has actually been brave enough to ask what happened. Much to the bank teller’s relief I’m not a battered wife. Had I been one though, he would have been the only person who’d shown any kind of concern. I’d be out there on my own, dealing with it alone. Which is sort of scary and seriously worrying.

So much so that it’s making me think twice about how I support services that do such important work helping women. Services such as Women Against Violence Against Women are helping women feel safer out there and they really need our support. So that’s my promise to myself: To support these services more. I’m not entirely sure how just yet but I’ll keep you posted.

For women interested in learning how to handle themselves, my humble (unprofessional) advice is that Muay Thai is a great place to start.

And to Gabe: It was a great right hook. How could you not throw it? Just wait till next time!! Hahaaah