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Not long before my 30th birthday, following a little libatious persuasion from a few glasses of wine, I decided that training for a Muay Thai fight in Thailand was a great idea. Having never trained for anything remotely like this before I was under no impression it was going to be easy…turns out I wasn’t wrong.

It was only when I arrived in Vancouver from the UK in March 2008 with my husband that I even contemplated the sport. Initially it was just a way to get fit and have fun while getting to know Vancouver. The city was initially going to be the first stop on a globe-trotting tour, exploring the world looking for a place to live; somewhere that really resonated with everything we wanted from life. But we’re still here. That being said, there are no regrets. We absolutely love it here and are excited to call it home.

During this time, martial arts has gradually become a passion that I enjoy devoting hours to. Primarily this is due to the wonderful, inspiring people I’ve met through the sport who’ve offered nothing but encouragement at every opportunity and I’m incredibly grateful for that because female martial arts can be quite a lonely sport. It’s still evolving and many see it as unconventional. Why would a woman want to take part in a sport that involves such close physical contact? One in which she walks in to a ring, potentially prepared to inflict or subject herself to damage? I’m not doing this to deliberately break moulds or make a statement. I practice for no other reason than because I love it and I’m going to Thailand to challenge myself; to push boundaries and explore untapped potential.

Having entered the five month countdown the training intensity has amplified. Proper nutrition has kicked in and strength training also plays a key part in daily life, as do two new coaches for boxing- and Muay Thai-specific training.

The trip to Thailand is in March 2010. Following ten days training at Sinbi gym my training partner (Emma Lynds from Elements Academy of Martial Arts) and I will be entering the ring.

Off the mats, I’m concentrating on my freelance writing career while putting to good use my marketing experience helping local businesses formulate brand plans and web copy. Life is definitely busy and although it’s not what I would have predicted as I walked out of university with a science degree, I love the twists and turns it’s taken.

I hope you find my blog interesting and entertaining. I’d love to hear your comments.


6 Responses to “About me”

  1. Cage Coverage Says:

    I like your blog and your fighting story. I’m an advertising copywriter too.
    I just do Cage Coverage to keep me sane. lol
    I’d like to use some of your posts and arrange an interview with you if possible.
    Cage Coverage
    Terry Hall

    • Olivia Bevan Says:

      Hi Terry,

      you won’t believe this but my blog seems to have only just alerted me to your comment….from back in June! Arggghh, I’m so, so sorry. I’ve no idea how it got missed but thank you so much for your comment, and for your patience.

      I’d be really interested in chatting to you further…if you’re still interested.

      Drop me an email (livster@hotmail.com) and maybe we can set something up?

      Speak soon, Olivia.

  2. slideyfoot Says:

    Cool – always good to come across blogs I haven’t read before. I just did a big trawl through BJJ Grrl’s excellent blogroll: looking forward to reading the rest of your site. 🙂

    Speaking of bloggers, I just set up a BJJ blogger map to help people meet up and train, if you’re interested in being on it?

    • Olivia Bevan Says:


      thanks for finding my blog! My Jiu Jitsu is kind of taking a back seat at the moment compared to Muay Thai. I’m still practising…but only once or twice a week. Still love it though. So maybe I’m not the best person to be on your BJJ Blogger map but you should check out Emma Lynds (owner of Elements Academy of Martial Arts in Vancouver) – she’s currently a blue belt and hungry for more!!

      • slideyfoot Says:

        Heh – I only train twice a week myself. 😉

        It’s not about ability or training frequency so much as community: I really like the online discussion and chatting amongst BJJ bloggers, so thought a map would be a good way of bringing that to the real world, along with training in person. Does Emma have a blog?

        Although come to think of it, I’m interested in the Vancouver BJJ scene anyway, as my brother in law is from there, so likely that he and my sister will be moving back in the next few years.

  3. Olivia Bevan Says:


    here’s Emma’s blog http://www.emmalynds.blogspot.com/

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