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Varnish with vigour

September 17, 2009

FeetWant to spot the female fighter in a spa? She’ll be the one having a pedicure begging the beautician to leave the hard-earned calluses just as they are, all the while wondering how long the varnish will last during her next session on the mats.

True to form, before long the training mats bore colourful war-paint streaks of orange and pink varnish where toes had pushed, pressed and scraped against them during Jiu Jistu sparring.

Was it still worth having a pedicure done? Absolutely! One of our many quests over the next six months, however, is to find a pedicurist in the city who can provide varnish with enough vigour to withstand these sessions. We may be more femmes fatal than femmes fatales, but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy indulging our girlie side.